Regardless of the GOP’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement…TX decarbonizes

Regardless of what the GOP is trying to do at the federal level to bring back coal and roll back the Paris Agreement, one of the reddest states in the country will continue to decarbonize. (a short list of things that are happening)

Wind continues to be the fastest growing generation resource…

Currently Wind Generation is 20% of portfolio mix

ERCOT Wind Production Expected to be 28.5 GW by 2019

Solar growing exponentially…

787 MW of Solar Capacity Installed as of April 2017

780 MW to be installed in 2017

1.2 GW to be installed in 2018

Texas Oil and Gas Companies Getting More Serious on Climate, well at least their shareholders are…

Occidental – 67% voted in favor of climate disclosure

ExxonMobil – 62% voted in favor of climate disclosure



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  1. Thanks for sharing these stats! Are the solar figures just utility scale developments?

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