Blog about Climate Adaptation

On April 25, 2016, 750 Astrodomes worth of water fell in Northwest Houston is less than 12 hours. The City was not prepared for such an event and neither is most of the rest of the country. The climate is changing more drastically and rapidly than ever before. I am starting this blog to develop a deeper discussion on climate adaptation and mitigation among key decision makers.

The assumption made here is that human activity is directly linked to the accelerating change in our climate. There is no scientific debate on this issue. The debate and uncertainty comes from knowing exactly what and how communities and business need to prepare for and adapt to in the near and mid-term.  Adaptation will require significant investment. Choosing the wrong path, i.e. adapting for anticipated floods but experiencing severe drought, is a costly decision that results in an underprepared community that must now react to their existing climate reality. Also, this uncertainty of what to prepare for may lead to inaction. This decision to not make a decision can be just as costly.

The expectation here is that we can start working toward and identifying the appropriate frameworks and decision tools that may result in more effective climate adaptation and mitigation efforts.Brent Ozar Flood Houston